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Object Validator Rule Manager Platform

Rule Editor


Manage rules that include complex combinations within one interface. You can add, edit, or remove rules effortlessly at your fingertips without restarting your Windchill server. 

  • Set unique name and description to view in the user's interface.

  • Rules can be turned off or on 

  • Set rule type name, or IBA name by setting the Attribute

  • Set Rule Status to pass or fail for validation

  • Set objects that are applicable or not applicable to rules based on type, extension, context and more.

  • Apply rules to be used in a Change Task, Promotion, User Action, or Workflow. 

  • API call of  your own custom rule based on a Java class.


Rule Manager Designer
Build business rules as easily as drawing on a whiteboard. 

Take advantage of multiple options for rule styles and types or add your own all from one web page. 


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