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Rubik's Cube


  • Help Desk Support Ticketing

  • Windchill Management Tools

  • Windchill Test System Cloning (1)

  • Windchill Admin Mentoring

    • Licensing ​

    • Indexing

    • Publishing

  • Windchill Monitoring

    • Resource Usage ​

    • System Availability

    • Logs (DB, Apache, etc...)

  • CREO Administration 

    • Upgrades​

    • Updates

    • User Update Mentoring

    • Licensing


Most Popular

Includes Basic Plan +

  • Windchill Upgrade (1)

  • Windchill User Update Mentoring

  • Windchill Build Updates (M0R)

  • Maintenance Patches (CPS/SUP)

  • Windchill Licensing Support

  • Windchill Performance

    • Database Analysis​

    • Cache Tuning 

    • Publishing Analysis, etc...

  • Windchill File Vaults​ Maintenance

  • Cloning non-Production Systems

  • Publishing Admin Support*

  • Windchill Backup Support

  • After Hours System Down Emergency Support*


Cup of Coffee

Includes Premium Plan +

  • Participants Admin Support

    • Creating Users/Groups​

    • Licence Allocation

    • Cleanup/Remove Users

    • Repair Disconnected Users

  • Workflow Process Support*

  • Support Access Control Policies

  • Specific Project Tasks (TBD)

Popular A La Carte Offerings

Looking for something not in the list? We do much more, please contact us to find out more. 

Windchill Access Control Cleanup

Access control is more than just domain policies. Leverage all available functionality to meet the company’s access control needs and streamline administration (examples: profiles, security labels, domain policies, shared teams, ad-hoc permissions, groups, layouts, …). Our access control workshop helps your organization:

  • Understand how access control works in Windchill.
  • Capture current access control requirements.
  • Identify the cleanest administrative strategy.
  • Define the implementation in alignment with industry best practices.
  • Implement and validate the changes.
  • Document the defined permissions.

Ultimately, customers realize better resource utilization, increasing performance, clarity of access controls, and easier day-to-day business administration with less administrative effort.

Business Administration Support

Get more value out of Windchill by expanding usage of the available functionality.

  • Optimize existing processes.
  • Expand Windchill to new departments.
  • Implement more core functionality: Document management, Parts, Change Management, …
  • Roll out a new module.

We are here to help your business administration configurations.

Remote File Server Support

Need a new or replacement replica server? Our replication support includes:

  • Installation of new or replacement replica server
  • Configuration of replication rules and vaulting
  • Initial replication
  • Ongoing maintenance of replication and synchronization

Visualization Services for non-CREO workers

Give your publishing environment a tune up.

  • Implement new CAD and non-CAD Workers.
  • Upgrade CAD Workers with Windchill updates and maintenance patches.
  • Monitor publishing performance and success rates.
  • Configure Windchill and Workers to get more output.
  • Identify and exclude bad content.
  • Educate user community about good and bad practices.

Investing in proper setup and configuration can reduce the total number of Workers, saving software licensing costs while reducing time wasted waiting on visual content to be generated.

CREO Administration

For companies needing on-going Creo support, this offering includes:

  • Creo Licensing Support
  • Creo software update and upgrade support
  • Creo schema update guidance
  • Debugging of software stability and performance

Less time spent rolling out the next version of Creo and assurances that necessary schema changes (config files, templates, startup commands, etc.) were not overlooked.

Windchill Upgrades

For any company needing to upgrade Windchill, we offer:

  • A detailed Scope of Work (SOW) complete with target hardware and software requirements.
  • Upgrade services delivered remotely by experienced implementation specialists.
  • Secure off-site upgrade environments using our ugrade lab to minimize short-term costs and risks.
  • Internal procedures to minimize the upgrade time and provide consistent upgrade results.
  • Project management to keep everyone on track and shorten time of upgrade projects.

Not just an upgrade, we capture all the customer’s system configuration changes in the SOW. Adding/removing a module, migrating from Oracle to SQL Server, switching operating system platforms, etc. We work with you to ensure the upgrade is successful.

Windchill Health Check

Request a Windchill health check today to discover your Windchill System unknows.

  • Analysis of the Windchill servers to identify over/under-allocated resources, stability, and performance.
  • Client configuration analysis to ensure optimal configuration for use with Windchill.
  • Business configuration review to document the current configuration and highlight opportunities for process improvement.

Receive your report of how well Windchill is implemented today and a prioritized and scoped task list for moving forward to a more stable and performant environment.

Windchill Non-Production System (Cloning, Re-Hosting, Building)

Includes one non-production environment for companies who need to create and maintain a new test, development, training, or green field system.

  • Define non-production system configuration based on requirements.
  • Build new servers or rehost cloned servers accordingly.
  • Content refresh as needed.

We setup the appropriate non-production system (staging/integration, development, etc.).