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Object Validator

Windchill Extension Validating Business Rules Checks for Windchill Data

Validates Change Objects before release process

Limit the Rework Cycle

Ensure Data Accuracy

Trains users of Business Rules in Real-time

Increase Productivity 

Validating business rules revolutionizes the speed, accuracy, intelligence  of the Windchill Objects within a release process.  Achieve quality assurance best practices, improve productivity, reduce rework, faster change cycles, lower risk for errors, and greater transparency into business decisions.

Rule Manager Platform easily manages and administrate rules from one web page. 

Business Rules are validated thru a Change Notice, Change Activity, Promotion Request, Design Review, Workflow, Actions, or right mouse click on a Windchill business object.   

Intuitive User Interface

Clearly identify errors or warnings of the Windchill data for users to review and learn quickly.  Review any promotable or resulting object issue within one window that describes the failure before a release process is started. Forces the users to fix the errors before a change occurs. 

  • Review Business Objects failures from one window 

  • View failures descriptions easily 

  • Real time validations within Change Objects and Promotion Request Creation and within Workflows.

  • Disables the Finish button to prevent  Changes and Promotion to be created. 

2020-03-05 15_42_22-Validation Results.p
2020-03-06 14_39_20-New Promotion Reques

Validate from Right Click Actions

Allow any user to validate any selected business object using the Right Mouse Click option. This allows users to validate one object of interest. 

Validate Multiple Objects from Folder Actions

Allow any user to validate multiple selected business objects using the folder actions. This allows users to review many objects at the same time from a folder or a search window. 

The user can quickly obtain validation data to determine to proceed with creating a change or approving a release of a set of objects. 


Validate Business Objects within Workflows. 

Companies can use the Object Validator within any workflow for a Change Notice, Change Task, or Promotion Request. Business Rule Checks are validated within the workflow using a conditional robot to determine if any of the resulting objects fail or pass the business rules.

All rules or a specific rule can be validated at any point within a workflow process. 

This allows flexibility of the workflow administrator to route failures to a specific activity to handle the rework tasks.


Review Validations from a Task

A User's Task includes a link of the Object Validator page to review the validations within a new browser tab.  The user clearly sees the issues on one page and can perform the changes while reviewing the results.


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