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PLM Integrator

Solution for Delivering Windchill Data To ERP/Third Party Systems


It can take weeks, even months, to transition from engineering release to PLM, ERP, MES or other third-party system. The process of creating inventory items and bills of material is plagued by time consuming, tedious, manual data entry.  Inevitable human error leads to mistakes and rework, adding to the overall time and effort just to transition information between internal systems.  Mistakes that are not caught up front lead to procurement, planning, scheduling, manufacturing, and delivery issues that can add significant cost to the product and delays to delivery.

The Smart/Efficient way to import Windchill Data to the ERP System


The PLM Integrator connects Windchill to third-party systems like ERP.  It transforms CAD Document or WTPart BOM structures to a format consumable by the ERP system and passes this structured data to the ERP system’s web services.  The ERP system processes the incoming data to create records based on configurable rules and settings.

This process is triggered upon product release, or re-release, via Change Notice or Promotion Request.  The result is quick and efficient creation of item masters, bills of materials, and associated documents within the ERP system, accurate to the engineering released information in Windchill, and ready for use downstream.

Save ERP Integration Cost

Reduce ERP Data Entry Time

Ensure Data Accuracy

Eliminate Manual Data Manipulation

Increase Productivity 

Configuration Options

Bill Of Material


  • Map ERP/Windchill attributes

  • Add and Remove attributes

  • Override Attribute Values

  • Filter Items by Part Number

  • JSON or XML format delivery

ERP Web Services


  • Publish BOM Web Service URL

  • File to Upload Web Service URL

  • File Exist in ERP Web Service URL

  • Supports Azure Web Services



  • Enable/Disable Export Viewable to Web Service

  • Choose Viewable Type (PDF, STP,DXF, PLT)

How it Works

The PLM Integrator is called within any workflow conditional robot to collect information within a Change Notice or Promotion Request to send to the ERP by the ERP Web Services. The collected information is based on the configuration options. Below shows graphically the process. 

Windchill Change Object is created by collecting the revised or new items from the user 

Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 2.23.45 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 2.30.18 PM.png


Approver Approves the Change

PLM Integrator Workflow Conditional Robot

  1. Executes the PLM Integrator

  2. Collects the change targets

  3. Collects all Bill Of Materials from either CAD or WTPart structures within the change object

  4. Build and format each Bill of Materials based on ERP requirements

  5. Retrieve specific viewables from each CAD Drawing such as PDFs. 

  6. Build and format Part data

  7. Call ERP Web Services to deliver each BOM, drawing viewables, and part data. 

  8. Get feedback from ERP to determine success or failure

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