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Genius Tools Starter

GENIUS TOOLS Starter manages the configuration of Creo and Windchill operating environments in a graphical user interface.
Each working environment can be adapted exactly to user and computer groups, i.e. you can include different languages, plotting environments, installation standards, license and software availabilities, etc.

Starter Interface
The interactive interface of GENIUS TOOLS Starter serves as a user-friendly gateway for efficiently managing CREO applications. It promotes ease of use, allowing users to seamlessly navigate multiple working environments and effortlessly initiate CREO with the correct configuration.

GT Starter.png

Manage Configuration Capabilities
Some of the features and configuration options of GENIUS TOOLS Starter :

  • Use of a specific installation

  • Selection and synchronization of a start key

  • Display available licenses

  • Borrowing of licenses for mobile applications

  • Offline functionality/synchronization of local  workstation configuration

  • Language setting for Creo 

  • Notification system for the administrator to inform users about changes

  • Start of additional applications or batch files

  • Customize the contents of the configuration files (config.sup,

GT Starter Config.png
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