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Genius Tools Model Processor

The Model Processor functions as an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for crafting CAD applications, harnessing a repertoire nearly 200 Toolkit actions, all without requiring a deep understanding of the Toolkit API. This unique approach offers several notable benefits.

Model Processor Interface
The interactive interface of the GENIUS TOOLS Model Processor serves as a user-friendly gateway for effortlessly building CREO applications. Its design promotes efficiency, ease of use, and customization, enabling users to focus on the creative aspects of application development without being hindered by unnecessary technical complexities or the need to understand intricate APIs.


Action List
The richness of the Model Processor lies in its expansive collection of nearly 200 Toolkit actions, offering users a diverse array of tools to choose from. The simplicity of selecting and defining actions opens up endless possibilities for creating and customizing CREO applications.
The multitude of available actions allows users to craft unique combinations tailored to their specific application needs, fostering a high degree of flexibility and innovation.

With this wealth of toolkit actions, the Model Processor empowers users to unlock the full potential of CREO application development, encouraging creativity and adaptability in the design process.

Model Processor Packages 

The Model Processor offers a spectrum of turnkey solutions tailored to diverse needs in the CAD application building process.These pre-configured solutions are designed for convenience and efficiency, providing ready-to-use functionalities that directly address specific requirements.

Guest Mode

Rubik's Cube


  • Create & Modify One Action List

  • Execute Action lists

  • Edit Current Model 

  • Supports Graphic Mode

Free Registration, No License Required

Worker Extension



  • Executes Actions Lists

  • Edit current model

  • Export deliverables

  • Supports non-graphics

Require Designated Licensing

For Server implementations



Includes Guest Mode +

  • Create & modify many actions lists

  • Batch processing for creating reports

Required Concurrent (Floating) License


Cup of Coffee


  • Executes Actions Lists

  • Edit current model

  • Supports Graphic Mode

  • Save models

Require Floating  Licensing bound to a Creo Session


3D Objects
Most  Popular

Includes Report +

  • Edit models in session

  • Edit models in workspace

  • Batch process with editing models

  • Save models

Require Concurrent (Floating) Licensing

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