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Download Content Manager

The Download Manager in Windchill is a tool specifically designed to assist users in efficiently managing and organizing the download of primary, secondary content, attachments, or viewables from various Windchill objects.

Users can easily download content from a collection of objects within baselines, change objects, promotion requests, packages, and more, simply by using a right mouse click. This functionality streamlines the process of retrieving relevant data and enhances the user experience within the Windchill environment.

Download Interface
The Download Manager's interactive interface is a user-friendly gateway for efficiently managing the download of specific content, such as attachments, primary content, or representations. Administrators can easily configure selection options in combo boxes, promoting ease of use and enabling users to collect content effectively.

A user can collect content to download from the following: 

  • Change Notice

  • Change Request

  • Change Activity

  • Problem Report

  • Promotion Request

  • Baseline

  • Package

  • Any Structure

  • Folders

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