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FELCO App Manager

Windchill App Manager to help manage app Deployments  

App License Key Management 

App Log Viewer

Install, un-install in One Interface using DevOps

Manages Apps in  Cluster Environments

Manage Custom Apps

The FELCO Windchill App Manager streamlines the administration of Windchill applications, offering a unified interface for tasks such as installation, uninstallation, license key management, and app cache cleanup. Leveraging DevOps techniques, this comprehensive tool allows administrators to efficiently handle various aspects of installed apps, including viewing log files and detailed information such as release, release date, installation date, app name, description, and license details.

Notably, the App Manager facilitates the seamless update of installed apps to their latest releases. In environments with multiple Windchill nodes, it automates the deployment process, eliminating the need for administrators to manually install or uninstall apps on each node.

Intuitive User Interface

The FELCO Windchill App Manager streamlines the administration of Windchill applications, offering a unified interface for tasks such as: 

  • Deployments and Installation

  • Un-installations

  • Real time installation validations 

  • License Key Management

  • App Cache Cleanup

  • Update Apps

  • Provides detail App information


Deployment Features

The App Manager functions as a DevOps deployment tool aligned with the principles of Continuous Deployment in DevOps methodology. Its primary purpose is to seamlessly install a build package or deliverable into the Windchill environment while preserving the integrity of the Windchill system. Key deployment features include: 

  • Non-Destructive Integration: Ensures that the deployment process integrates actions files without overwriting existing functionalities, maintaining a harmonious coexistence with the current Windchill actions.

  • Flexible Deployment Structure: Allows deployment outside the standard Windchill folder structure, providing enhanced flexibility and efficient management options.

  • JSP Integration: Supports the incorporation of out-of-the-box JavaServer Pages (JSPs) during the deployment process, promoting compatibility and seamless integration with existing components. 

  • Caching for Performance Enhancement: Optimizes app performance by intelligently caching crucial app information, minimizing runtime delays and enhancing overall efficiency.

  • Dynamic Property Management: Enables the addition of app properties outside the default property files, allowing for dynamic and customizable configurations beyond the out-of-the-box settings.

  • Admin Preferences: Facilitates the inclusion of app preferences designed for administrative purposes, enhancing the overall control and configurability of the deployed applications.

  • Component Validation: Ensures the validation of app components during the deployment process, guaranteeing that all elements are correctly integrated and functional within the Windchill environment.


By embodying these deployment features, the App Manager empowers a seamless, non-disruptive, and customizable deployment experience, aligning with the principles of DevOps Continuous Deployment for optimal efficiency and system integrity

Cluster Environments

Our App Manager excels in managing cluster environments, offering an automated deployment solution that effortlessly installs the app on every Windchill node. This eliminates the cumbersome task of manually installing or uninstalling across multiple nodes, significantly streamlining processes and boosting overall system efficiency.

A notable convenience is the utilization of a pre-defined ZIP file, conveniently located on a client machine. This approach ensures that administrators are not required to access the physical Windchill server directly. This not only enhances security but also adds a layer of flexibility, allowing for a more convenient and remote management of the installation process.







Deploying Customer Apps

Our App Manager goes beyond managing our proprietary apps; it seamlessly integrates customer apps with a flexible build structure aligned with DevOps principles. This approach ensures that customers experience a user-friendly interface without the need for an additional learning curve.

The App Manager harmoniously integrates with the standard Windchill API, guaranteeing a hassle-free and efficient management experience for administrators who oversee both in-house and customer applications. This streamlined process enhances overall productivity and facilitates a smooth, unified management environment.

Deployment Summary

The App Manager provides a deploy summary for successful deployments within its page. This summary allows quick identification of the deploy status and enables you to reference log details based on different types of information. It includes information on the deployed files and settings to the Windchill server.

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