Object Validator

Windchill Extension Validating Business Rules Checks for Windchill Data

Validating business rules revolutionizes the speed, accuracy, intelligence  of the Windchill Objects within a release process.  Achieve quality assurance best practices, improve productivity, reduce rework, faster change cycles, lower risk for errors, and greater transparency into business decisions. 

Business Rules are validated thru a Change Notice, Change Activity, Promotion Request, Design Review, Workflow, Actions, or right mouse click on a Windchill business object.  

Intuitive User Interface

Clearly identify errors or warnings of the Windchill data for users to review and learn quickly.  Review any promotable or resulting object issue within one window that describes the failure before a release process is started. Forces the users to fix the errors before a change occurs. 

  • Review Business Objects failures from one window 

  • View failures descriptions easily 

  • Real time validations within Change Objects and Promotion Request Creation.

  • Disables the Finish button to prevent  Changes and Promotion to be created. 

2020-03-05 15_42_22-Validation Results.p
2020-03-06 14_39_20-New Promotion Reques

Review Business Rules from Actions

Allow any user to review issues of any selected business object using the Actions menu or Right Mouse Click option. This allows users to

Configuration Options

Bill Of Material


  • Map ERP/Windchill attributes

  • Add and Remove attributes

  • Override Attribute Values

  • Filter Items by Part Number

  • JSON or XML format delivery

ERP Web Services


  • Publish BOM Web Service URL

  • File to Upload Web Service URL

  • File Exist in ERP Web Service URL

  • Supports Azure Web Services



  • Enable/Disable Export Viewable to Web Service

  • Choose Viewable Type (PDF, STP,DXF, PLT)

How it Works

The PLM Integrator is called within any workflow conditional robot to collect information within a Change Notice or Promotion Request to send to the ERP by the ERP Web Services. The collected information is based on the configuration options. Below shows graphically the process. 

Windchill Change Object is created by collecting the revised or new items from the user 

Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 2.23.45 PM.png

Change Activities

Promotion Request

Actions Menu

Workflow Tasks

Design Review

Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 2.30.18 PM.png


Approver Approves the Change

PLM Integrator Workflow Conditional Robot

  1. Executes the PLM Integrator

  2. Collects the change targets

  3. Collects all Bill Of Materials from either CAD or WTPart structures within the change object

  4. Build and format each Bill of Materials based on ERP requirements

  5. Retrieve specific viewables from each CAD Drawing such as PDFs. 

  6. Build and format Part data

  7. Call ERP Web Services to deliver each BOM, drawing viewables, and part data. 

  8. Get feedback from ERP to determine success or failure

Validates Change Objects before release process

Limit the Rework Cycle

Ensure Data Accuracy

Trains users of Business Rules in Real-time

Increase Productivity