Windchill Application Programing Interface (API)

Windchill Java API

The Windchill Java API allows the development of Java applications to access the internal components of Windchill, to automate workflow processes and administrative duties, and to customize Windchill behavior. The Windchill API is a rich library of Java functions to help customers optimize their business processes and engineering tasks.

Benefits Include:

  • No Separate or Additional Licensing
  • Hardware Platform Independed
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Free Java IDE (Eclipse, Netbeans, etc.)
  • Supports J2EE, JSP,XML, and native Java such as JDBC
  • Info*Engine integration
  • Implement Expression Workflow Robots
  • Integration of the J-Link API
  • Automate administrative tasks

Windchill Info*Engine

Windchill Info*Engine provides a flexible, standard base foundation to automate specific tasks and transfers information to other third party applications. It is an engine that includes standard adaptors to perform various tasks.

Benefits Include:

  • Info*Engine supports J2EE, including JSP libraries, JMS (Java Messaging Services), and Java Connector with automatic DAO (Data Access Object) and EJB (Enterprise JavaBeans Technology) generation.
  • Uses application and technology adapters to meet integration needs
  • Manages transactions such as synchronous/asynchronous operation modes and parallel processing.
  • Supports Java native and XML representations