FELCO Solutions specializes in custom application development and employs flexible products to overcome companies' challenges.

Whether you are looking to outsource a complete software solution, or are seeking additional talents to help with a specific stage development, the FELCO Solutions team can extend your development capabilities and deliver solutions that fit your needs in the PTC environment.


A J-Link application that exports a Bill of Materials directly from an assemlby. The exported file can be customized to fit your requirements.

Benefits Include:

  • No need for a drawing
  • Export a formatted file to meet the requirements of a third party system
  • Customize line items to be removed


A J-Link application that removes all relations and conditional statements in the Creo models. It will also remove all suppress features and components from models if required.

Benefits Include:

This application is perfect for removing all intellection property from the models very quickly before exporting to a vendor.


J-Load is a J-Link application to import a large quantity of legacy Creo data into Windchill.

Upon import, J-Load manipulates or examines selected parameters, verifies family table instances, breaks out family tables, and validates parts, assemblies, and drawings before saving into a workspace.

Once components are in a workspace, a user can perform a check-in or upload operation. J-Load can perform automatic check-in or upload using Pro/ENGINEER 3.0 and above.

Benefits Include:

The primary benefit of using the J-Load application is the cost savings associated with reduced demands and time invested for a user to perform legacy model upload and cleanup operations into a Windchill workspace.


A matrix were performed using the J-Load application uploading 1000 parts into a Windchill workspace. The parts were located locally on the client'’s hard drive

The following operationa were peformed on each of the 1000 parts:
  • Five new parameters were created and designated
  • Removed unwanted parameters
  • Verified 400 part family tables successfully
  • Exported mass property data into CSV file for ERP data loading

The below graph is the result of the matrix.

Result Time: Manual Process for 1 user:
5 Days

Result Time: Using J-Load for 1 user:

1 Hour

J-Load can be customized to fit your requirements